Separation Anxiety? Going To The Vets? Clipping Their Nails? July 4th Fireworks?

What Veterinarians Do When Their Own Dog Barks Too Much Or Suffers From Anxiety

     Hi, I’m Edison, manufacturer, and CEO of Jump®, Inc.  Years ago, I found myself extremely frustrated with my lovable beagle Arbuckle.  It was a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type story.  When things were calm around the house, he was the most loving and loyal cutie-pie that you'd ever want licking your face.  But when things became anxious, his Mr. Hyde personality would come out full force... as if he was a wet cat near power lines.

     You see, getting him to the vets for a check up was like getting a kid to eat their brussel sprouts. Cutting his nails was worse than wrestling an alligator. And when it came to the neighbors, forget it. His daily routine of charging at the fence like a heat seeking missile was not only embarrassing but caused a lot of verbal fist fights with my neighbors.

"The More Dog Owners I Talked To... The More I Found That We All Lovingly Complain About Our Dog's Separation Anxiety, What They're Like During A Thunderstorm, or Even How They Act When They Meet A New Dog Or Cat."

     Just to be open up front... I did try all the so called “distraction techniques,” like putting coins etc.  Heck, several of my friends and I even went and hired a dog trainer.  At the end of Arbuckle’s sessions, I was told that he needed shock collar therapy.

"I Said No Way."

     Finally, I had a talk with one smart Veterinarian who understood that ALL dogs need the right nutrition in their little bodies to help them normalize their emotions.  He said with the right ingredients, a dog’s anxiety would naturally lower and they would not OVER react to situation they face. He said, I should go and try a dog calming supplement. 

     It made sense, so I tried a handful of them with mixed results. The problem was that some of these dog calming products were designed to change Arbuckle’s personality.  I loved his personality and was just looking to cut the edge off his hyperactivity, not turn him into a lethargic zombie.  Still, other products caused him gas, and serious bloating where his neck got bigger than his hind side. Not the kind of dog that I wanted to play with when I got home from work.

"When You Shuck Right Down To The Cobb, All Dogs Suffer From Some Form Of ANXIETY.  It's Not Their Fault and The Solutions Is Simple and Easy To Fix!

     So, I started to research and study Dog Aggression, Barking and Hyper-Activity. I loved Arbuckle too much and was adamant about making sure he could find some peace around the house.

     On my journey, I was told to get it produced overseas, to cheapen the product with fillers that bloat a dog and make them more tired. I also found hundreds of companies that didn’t really care about the ingredients and cared more about their bottom line than their dog’s health. Frankly, I was disgusted by it all and set out to develop the healthiest, soothing, most dependable dog calming formula that actually works without bloating your best friend down.

Introducing Jump’s "Peaceful" Dog Calming Formula.

Just One Time Released Tablet Starts
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Recommended by Vets to Relieve These Dog Anxiety Problems:
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Grooming and Vet visits
  • When traveling and motion sickness
  • In crowds, new people or holiday celebrations
  • When left home alone
  • During fireworks and thunderstorms
  • With Unfamiliar or New settings
  • When meeting new dogs and cats
  • With aggression, barking and urine markings
  • During hyper activity

7 Magic Ingredients In 1


Promotes relaxation relieves nausea!

Passion Flower

Maintains a calm feeling, alleviates muscle spasms!


Lowers muscle tension and helps maintain healthy nerves.


Helps the body naturally create more serotonin

Beta Carotene

powerful antioxidant, restores immune system,maintains healthy skin and coat


naturally occurring hormone helps treat separation anxiety, phobias and sleep patterns in dogs

Thiamine Mononitrate

Enhances brain function, aids the central nervous system


Reduces nausea, gas, diarrhea and stomach-related issues.

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