According To The American Animal Health Association... The #1 Sign Of Dental Disease Is Bad Breath

"Why My Next Door Neighbor Is Smarter Than Your Vet!"

     As a child, my family was neighbors with Dorothy, who had a cool golden retriever named Buddy.  Now Buddy was our neighborhood favorite.  My neighbors loved hanging out at her house, and all of us loved house sitting because playing with Buddy was a joy. I remember all the licks and kisses he gave us were so fresh, minty, and clean.  We always asked Dorothy what her secret was, and she would just point to her little white spray bottle by the kitchen sink and smile.   ( I'll let you in our her "Secret, Magic Formula" in a little bit.)

Now our family had two dogs, Tipsy, a Bernese mountain dog, and Buster, a Beagle, that always, ALWAYS had bad breath. No matter what food my mom bought, more expensive stuff, dry food, wet food etc. It all came out the same.  Stinky, bad breath.

"The more dog owners my parents talked to... The more they found that they all lovingly complained about their dog's bad breath and  plaque."

"A Vet's Way?"

     Finally, my mom piled us in the van (I have three brothers and sisters) and drove out to talk with Dr. Radhakrishnan  who was our local veterinarian on the other side of town.  Dr. Radhakrishnan who was well known, for many years said that ALL dogs have digestive enzymes in their little mouths/bodies that give them bad oral health.  He said that all we could do was use a dog toothbrush and brush 1x per day with his list of dog fresh breath,tartar removers and that would naturally lower the amount of tarter and their breath would smell fresher too.

 It made sense, so we all go to the supermarket, ( I remember my mom being so mad at us, I don't blame her... 4 kids fooling around in the store, asking her to buy us bubble gum, my sister wanted some pink curling iron, my younger brother crying he had to go potty) anyways my parents tried a handful of doggie toothpaste with mixed results. The problem was that some of these dog breath products were 90% Alcohol, Acid, Isolate and other stuff I can't pronounce, let alone feel safe giving our two dogs. Masking the real problem of Gingivitis..We loved these 2 guys and was just looking to cut the edge off their halitosis, not to harm them in the long run.  Still, I remember one products caused Tipsy to have bad reactions,and serious vomiting. Not the kind of dog that my family wanted to play with when we got home from school. We wanted our dogs to be like our best bud... Buddy.   

"When It Comes Right Down To It, All Dogs Suffer From Some Form Of Tartar Plague Build up.  It's Not Their Fault and The Solutions Is Simple and Easy To Fix, Even Dorothy Figured It Out!

     You see, Dorothy's "Secret, Magic Formula" was vegetable glycerin, grapefruit seed oil, coconut oil, peppermint oil and a dash of kelp. So, I started to research and study Dog Plaque, Tartar, and Oral Health. I loved our dogs too much and was adamant about making sure I could find some fresh natural oral solution.

     On my journey, I was told to get it produced overseas, to cheapen the product with fillers that add Alcohol, Acid, Isolate and other stuff I can't pronounce, make them more prone to other diseases and disinigrated natural enamel faster than Speedy Gonzales. I also found hundreds of companies that didn’t really care about the ingredients and cared more about their bottom line than their dog’s health. Frankly, I was disgusted by it all and set out to develop the healthiest, cleanest, most dependable dog and cat fresh breath plaque remover formula that actually works with only natural, holistic ingredients for your best friend.

Introducing Jump’s "Fresh Breath Plaque Remover" with the scrubbing power of KELP

Fresh Dog Breath Without Brushing Starts With The First Drop! ...and Dogs Love the Taste!

Recommended by Vets (and Dorothy) to Combat Stinky, Smelly Plaque & Tartar Buildup Where It Starts.
  • Fresh kisses in the morning.
  • Fresh licks when you both jump in the car.
  • Fresh minty smooches when you come home from work.
  • Enjoying your best friend's smack on the lips when he shows you how much he loves you.
  • No more uuuwees or yucks!
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of Fresh, clean, natural, sparkling, unprocessed, bright, sparkling, stainless, glistening, dazzling, luminous, shimmering, beaming, lustrous, polished, twinkling, brand new fresh breath and whiter teeth.

8 Natural Ingredients

Coconut Oil

Contains antibacterial and anti fungal properties, which help in reducing your pet's bad breath and Dorothy's 2nd favorite ingredient.

Neem Oil

Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties that all help maintain proper balance in your pet's mouth

Peppermint Oil

Helps to fight bad breath bacteria, has antiseptic properties 


Promotes dental health, aides in the removal of plaque and tarter for healthy teeth and gums

Rosemary Oil

A natural antibiotic that can help control bacterial populations in your pet's mouth

Grapefruit Seed Oil 

Powerful antibacterial properties, a strong antiviral and antifungal agent

Grape Seed Oil

Helps prevent dental plaque, contain potent antioxidant properties

Vegetable Glycerin

*No grain alcohol* Non GMO  and Dorothy's Favorite secret ingredient.

Which Dog Would You Like To Kiss?

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According To The American Veterinary Medical Association... 80% of Dogs and 70% of Cats Show Signs Of Oral Disease By Age 3.  But It Doesn't Have To Be!