The FACTS On How This Synergistically Blended Hip and Joint Supplement Can Free Your Little Buddy From Pain and FINALLY Get Him Feeling Youthful and Happy Again.

Do These Symptoms Look Familiar To You?

Limping or Pain and Discomfort:
You may see your dog limping or favoring one or more of his legs. They may have difficulty going up and down stairs or jumping up and down from the bed.

Your pet may tire more easily. Playtime and walks become shorter and more painful for your pet. Your dog may spend more time sleeping and/or resting.

Licking, Chewing, Biting:
Your dog may begin to lick, chew or bite at body areas that are painful. This may even reach the point of causing inflamed skin and hair loss over affected areas.

The worst part is:
Your Best Friend Has No Way Of Communicating Just How Bad He Feels
OR The Dreaded Pain He's Going Through.

Listen, we love our little buddies and will do ANYTHING for them. That's why we poured our hearts and souls into developing this breakthrough supplement for your best friend.

Here Is Your Dog's Arthritis "HOT SPOTS."

But What Does JUMP Do?

If you love your dog's health, then you need to try JUMP. It's a synergistically blended formula that was designed to REVERSE the effects of joint damage. It can restore your dogs natural ability to heal and grow new cartilage, nourish and revitalize joints and tissues, and prevent the possibilities of any future injuries to your dogs joints.

The ADDED benefit is that it also contains a natural anti-inflammatory which allows JUMP to double as a powerful pain relief supplement for dogs.

The BIG Secret On Why JUMP Is So Effective…

Not all Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM supplements are created equal. To be an effective supplement you have to start with the purest ingredients, and blend them in such a way that makes it so effective in getting your best friend's youthfulness playfulness back.

Think about this. Just because you have eggs, flour, salt, etc. doesn't mean you just throw them in a bowl and instantly have cookies. You have to mix and bake them in the RIGHT order at the RIGHT time, and RIGHT temperature to get delicious cookies.

And That's The Point.

We bent over backwards formulating this advanced hip and joint supplement for dogs. JUMP is proven to work or your money back.

So you don't have to settle for a less effective supplements with imported fillers. PLUS, you can say “good bye” to dangerous side effects from medications or even surgeries..

What Makes JUMP's Advanced Hip and Joint Formula So Incredible Effective?


Contains the purest form of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and Tart Cherries. Synergistically blended to bring you and your dog more love?


Veterinarian recommended! JUMP has been VET APPROVED for dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds and activity levels!


3x more effective since it contains our proprietary dark berry and tart cherry blend. A powerful healing dose of Natural Antioxidants, Pain Inhibitors and Anti-Inflamatories?


JUMP is manufactured in an FDA and cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility. All our products are 3rd party tested. We go ABOVE and BEYOND what is required! Beware of other supplements using inferior ingredients or manufacturing standards!


Stimulates the release of synovial fluid to make sure your dogs joints are well “lubricated” and protected from the impact they receive from jumping and running?


Improves mobility, flexibility and range of motion. Also promotes strong connective tissue while aiding in calcium absorption and bone density.


JUMP flushes quality revitalizing nutrients throughout his body to stimulate cartilage repair?


Benefits your dog's eyes, skin, nails, bones and muscles while preventing arthritis and alleviating it's symptoms.

From Our Mail Bag

We Have Received So Many “Thank You” Letters And 5 Star Reviews.
I Thought You Might Want To See A Few Of Them.

After she turned 2, the staircase became my Cane Corso's biggest nightmare. I noticed it right when she would whimper as she slowly made her way up to the 2nd floor of our house. It was painful to watch so I took her to my Vet and we discovered that my baby had hip dysplasia. I was told to find a glucosomine supplement and JUMP was the one that drew my eye because I heard how good and natural it is.

We are on month six of taking the supplement and we have seen great improvement and no negative effects at all. I was told by many dog owner friends of their experiences with some other formulas and they were pretty scary - vomiting, rashes, upset stomachs.With Jump, we are able to get back to slow and steady exercises and the results have been really wonderful.

Her pain and tightness in her hips have been alleviated significantly, and she is way more likely to hop onto the couch, or go up and down the stairs. No whimpers or anything. If you have a dog, I am sure you know how I feel now that my Angelica feels is like a weight has been lifted off of me. Thank you so much from our whole family. We are so grateful.".

Julie B 
Breed = Cane Corso

"I play basketball and have been taking a glucosamine supplement because of my knees and it definetly helps. So when Daisy started getting older I knew she needed the same thing for her body. I started giving her Jump and was pleasantly surprised because at month 3 she seemed to have a lil extra bounce in her step.

At month 5, she is running and playing for longer stretches than she has in a while. It's working and Daisy will keep taking Jump. And when we go over friends and relatives, I use these as rewards and treats, they are easy to break apart. I just wish they made a human version for me because I would switch to Jump to help my basketball game."

Tony L 
Breed = Labador

"To be honest, I did not see results in the first month and my vet said you wouldn't as there is no such thing as a miracle pill. So I stuck with it and after 3 months I started to see noticeable results. At 4 months, is when Zoro started running a little faster with his tongue sticking out and tail wagging.  And within 6 months he was more active and I couldn't be happier.

So if this is your first usage, you have to think of the long term benefit of a JUMP.  I had no idea that cherries and berries were that good for your dogs health and pain relief. I give JUMP 5 Stars."

Diana T 
Breed = Boxer

"All my dogs love this product ... even our finicky new foster dog. They act like I am giving them a piece of steak. The ingredients are awesome even the tart cherries. Most of the joint supplements on the market, only include a couple of ingredients that are actually needed to help with joint health. Then I would have to add other supplements, which became costly and time consuming. With JUMP, it has all of the right ingredients, and saves me money because I don't have to buy multiple products."

Kelly D 
Breeds = Beagle, Lab

"Actually my vet recommended Jump and so I went online to order. Got three bottles to save some money and because the doctor mentioned the loading phase. Well it's been 8 months and my lab has had incredible results. At his last checkup I was told that his inflamation is down and that if I stayed on it, Charlie would not have to have surgery. Great product."

Mary R 
Breed = Lab

"I have a 6yr old suffering some leg, joint and hip pain from an old injury that was progressively getting worse as she got older. After taking two of these capsules a day (morning & evening) consistently for the past year, I can honestly say her joints don't bother her now and that her limping has gone away. We are taking walks everyday and she will be taking Jump everyday because it works. Overall I am very pleased with Jump."

Chris S 
Breed = German Shepherd

We Back It Up With A Full Money Back Guarantee.

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Natural Relief

UMP also includes vitamin C and a powerful blend of tart and dark cherries. The most powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. You can sleep well at night knowing you can trust what you're putting into your dog's cute body

Trusted By Doctors

Vetrinarians around the country have discovered jump and not only use it for their own dogs... they now rave and recommend it to their patients

Sleeps Soundly At Night

When the pain, tingling and soreness are gone, your dog will finally be able to sleep like a puppy. We also included rosemary. Rosemary is a natural sleeping remedy that is also great at settling your dog's stomach.
With Jump, they'll wake up renewed and filled with energy

Do The Things
They Love Again

Does your dog like to run? Playing fetch with the kids? With JUMP, your best friend CAN start enjoying life again.

Get Lasting Results

Many Jump users notice results within the first month. Some have been taking Jump for over a year and continue to see their best friend moving and walking with pep in their step. The way your little buddy should feel.

Loved By Dogs

Taste test after taste test proves our delicious flavor makes dogs salivate. Use Jump as a treat and watch as they come running with their tail wagging.