* The True Story Of My Grandma and Her Dog Fluffo *

"HELP!!! Is What I Said When My Grandma Would Call And Ask Me To Visit."

Have you ever known a dog with so much bad breath, diarrhea, gas, itching or just a lot of shedding that being around him was just about as friendly as petting a skunk?  Well let me tell you about my wonderful Grandma and her dog Fluffo.

When my Mom would yell, "let's get ready to go to Grandma's house" I always had an uneasy - rocks in my gut like feeling.  Visiting Grandma was supposed to be fun.  Heck, she had a swimming pool, billiards table, a basketball hoop and even cooked the best chicken noodle soup, that still to this day can't be duplicated. AND... to make it even more tempting... if any of us would help clean up the yard or house we would get $3 cash.  Pretty enticing for a 9yr old kid... Right? 

So What Could Be Wrong With Visiting Grandma?

      Regardless of all of the treats, cash and playing... the truth was that her dog Fluffo was a little troublesome to be around.  You see, Fluffo was a little white short haired dog that was plagued with gas, itching, scratching, and on more than one occasion... boughts of vommitting and diahrrea.  So in the midst of trying to have fun at Grandma's was the burden of the clean up and being around a dog that smelled up the playroom like fermented goose liver.

Here's What Was Going On With Fluffo?

     What was really going on with Fluffo was her little gut flora was NOT in harmony.  You see, as the largest immune barrier in their body, the gastrointestinal track bears the brunt of stress on a dog or cat.  Whether they get this stress from eating sticks and grass, you being gone, people stopping over to visit, or the processed pet food they eat one thing is sure.... they need a good balance of good bacteria in their stomachs to protect their immune system and have a healthy digestions.

And They Get This Good Bacteria From
Something Called Probiotics

     Probiotics, are "good" living microorganisms that lower intestinal pH and help improve so many of the problems I witnessed with Fluffo.  That's why I am so excited to share with your something that would make even Fluffo a joy to be around.  It is... 

The FIRST 4+1 Magic Probiotic Combination That You Can Trust To Naturally, Instantly and Dramatically DeTox Your Pet From The Inside Out.

Solves ALL These Problems and Makes It A Joy To Be Around Your Dog
(even if it's like Fluffo)
  • Lack of Energy GONE!
  • GAS & Upset Stomach GONE!
  • Diarrhea GONE!
  • Nausea & Vomiting GONE!
  • Bad Breath GONE!
  • Dull Coat, Shedding,  Itching, Scratching GONE!
  • Allergies GONE!
The Real Magic Of Our Unique and Proven 4 + 1 Ingredients Include:

1) L. Acidophilus

A unique strain produced specifically for dogs and cats.  It is the purest form on the market today.  Helps reduce cholesterol, protects against salmonella, and exhibits antibacterial and antifungal properties.

3) L. Plantarum

Helps to ensure that the nutrients in vitamins and supplements are getting flushed into your pet's cells.

2) L. Salivarius

This probiotic should always be in a natural canine and feline probiotic formula.  It's vigor is capable of modifying and improving inferior intestinal health and infections.

4) Bacillus Coagulans

Powerfully effective and helps prevent Ulcerative Colitis, Chrohn's disease, Irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea and more.

+1) Lemon Grass

Repels fleas and mosquitoes. Lemongrass is also anti-parasitic and can aid in a natural de-worming of your pets.

Finally Fresh Smelling, Super Healthy and Flea Repellent Pets That You and Your Kids Will LOVE To Be Around!


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